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Looking at tech news there’s no doubt that there will be big changes as government and the legal system take a look closer at how tech, online and search engines function. It’s definitely an interesting yet bitchy space to be in at the moment, here’s a few new stories that we found interesting:

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer starts making changes

How Facebook lists can help your business

Fight between Apple and Samsung continues in court

ASIO chief warns of cyber threats to big business

Investigation into copyright and search engine


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New jobs at Publicity Monster

This is a very exciting time for Publicity Monster as we push for the next level of growth. We understand that what makes a great company is its customers and its employees and that is why we are always looking for the right people to join the Publicity Monster team.
Here is a couple of roles we are currently looking to fill, please apply or share with someone who would be suitable.

Check them out on our Facebook Page or search Publicity Monster on

Publicity Monster

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Publicity Monster has been working over time on our new customer support system, this is a specialised area where customers will be seeing the latest statistics, manage account, online support and get instant answers to over 100 FAQ questions. Lots of changes in the tech world with some of the big search engines and social media hubs making dramatic changes to the way users use the services.

New iPhone 5 to be announced in September

Google+ Hangouts replaces Gmail chat

Over 83 Million Facebook profiles and growing

Google Buys Wildfire

Bing adds Facebook integration


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This week Australia gets it’s first feel for the carbon tax and a taste of how bad the sting really is, in other news did you know that the Dalai Lama is a mac user and the Prime Minster of Australia, Julia Gillard is a Blackberry user, who would of thought right.

Social meltdown as Instagram and Pinterest servers went down over the weekend and users were lost to where they could post their photos. Find out how you can pay $0 for your local, national and mobile calls.

Apple blocks Samsung from selling it’s phones in the US

Instagram, Pinterest and NetFlix shutdown

Telstra found guilty of breaching privacy

Businesses still confused about discontinuation of Google Places

You still paying for telephone calls?

Small businesses more likely to pass on carbon tax


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We know there’s a lot of great paid services that can help grow your business quickly like Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing, but what can a small business do to help themselves grow online when things are a little tight?

Here’s a list of 11 services that can give your business the push it needs to grow online:

  1. Signup to FREE a Facebook business page and fill in all your business details including website, telephone and opening hours
  2. Signup to a FREE Twitter page for your business
  3. Signup to your LinkedIn Business Page
  4. Signup to a FREE Pinterest for your business and start sharing photos that are connected with your business
  5. Send out FREE Press Releases about your business, your growth, exciting news
  6. Sign up for your FREE Google+Local (previously Google Places)
  7. Clean up your data online, Google your business name and make sure that all directories have the correct telephone numbers, address and if you have a website that its added to the directories. Here’s a few directories worth check: Yellow Pages, True Local and HotFrog.
  8. Set up your FREE Webmaster Central Account at Google.
  9. Set up your FREE Bing Webmaster Tools account.
  10. Set up your FREE Google Analytics account so you can track when, where and how visitors are coming to your website

The next installment of this blog we will show you how you can easily manage just about all your social media services from one area without the need of signing into each service. We hope the links and services get you started and as always if you get stuck or need help with setting up any of these services get in contact with one of our specialists on 1300 448 305 or contact us here.

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Another big week for online with the big boys like Facebook, Google and Apple making some interesting moves. Publicity Monster has an exciting week as we tip over the 4500 customer mark.

Facebook launches “friend Friends Nearby” mobile feature

Amazon finally lands in Australia

Apple Maps Vs Google Maps war continues

A Job In Tech Makes You Happy

Publicity Monster tips over the 4500 customer mark


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Publicity Monster is excited to share that we now have over 4500 optimisation success stories, with small businesses thriving on our cost effective optimisation services. We will be in contact with all our customers over the coming months to share more success stories of how our customers excel with our various services like Google+ Local Optimisation (previously Google Places), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We have recently welcomed hundreds of new customers including Radio Rentals, LJ Hooker, UltraTune and many more. Check out some of our other clients here

So why are these customers moving across to Publicity Monster?

  1. Our optimisation technology and experience is second to none
  2. We are the largest Google+ Local Optimiser in Australia
  3. We keep up to date with Google’s regular changes and help our customers bring their business inline with guidelines
  4. Proof is in our results
  5. Our prices start from under $8 a week (cheaper than doing it yourself)

Our positive reviews keep coming in, here’s one from a Counselor in Brisbane:

“You have helped increase my customer numbers please continue to do what you are doing. i will sign up for the next 12 months. keep up the great work and thanks.”

Read more Publicity Monster reviews here and here

So don’t sit back any longer, speak to one of our specialists and find out how we can get your real results quickly.



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Big changes for Google Places this week with the integration into Google’s social media platform Google+ to create the all new Google+ Local. We find it be a lot similar to how you can check into a business via Places on Facebook, leave comments, share with friends but you can now do this by logging into your Gmail account and using Google+. This is obviously a big push from Google to get more people to use their platform and get businesses more involved with Google+, we also understand by Google making this integration, Google Places will see a lot more features introduced in the near future.

We really like the new layout, it’s simple and gives you all the information you need at a glance. We also like that there’s a lot more information about the users who’s leaving the feedback and this gives you a clearer indication of where else this person has visited and what else they’ve commented on.

Google+ Local drops the old star rating system for the Zagat review system , better known in the US for decades for their restaurant reviews.

The rating system is now based on a 0 to 3 point scale. (see image)

  • 3 = Excellent
  • 2 = Very Good
  • 1 = Good
  • 0 Poor to Fair

These scores are then averaged by Google and the business is given a total score:

  • 26-30 Extraordinary to perfection
  • 21-25 Very good to excellent
  • 16-20 Good to very good
  • 10-15 Fair to good
  • 0-9 Poor to fair

Main Changes:

  • No more stars, a score out of 3
  • Businesses get a total score that is average by Google
  • Clearer and more substantiated reviews from friends and visitors
  • More features coming


To find out more about Google Places, Google+ Local speak to one of our specialists click here

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Mixed bag of tech news this week with huge changes across the big players with lay offs, Facebook getting into the smart phone market and Google Places making changes to its address guidelines:

Facebook to make a new Smart Phone

Blackberry Maker RIM to lay off 2000 staff

Google in trouble for data breach in Australia

Publicity Monster releases websites in 3 countries

Google Places stops PO Boxes in new guidelines updates


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Big week for online with Facebook going Public, Twitter being blocked and a whole new look for Bing coming, check out the latest news:

6 Ways to Get a Tech Job Without a Tech Degree

Pakistan Blocks Twitter For Religious Reasons

Does your “Klout” matter?

Bing gets a new look

Google one step Closer to China


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